Parking Lot Traffic Security Light Warning System
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The purpose of this system is to warn approaching vehicles of the status of other approaching vehicles when traveling into and out of an unseen area such as a basement parking area or parking behind a closed door. Vehicles approach over the loop detector at each Traffic Signal area and the status of the lights changes according to how the operator has the system setup..  

Approaching Vehicles should view the status of the light before entering the traffic area: 
Blinking Green – both Areas are clear of traffic
Solid Green – OK to move your vehicle forward 
Solid Red – Vehicle approaching from the opposite direction – CAUTION

The system is robust and operates at an intrinsically safe voltage. There is conduit from the controller location to both the inner and outer parking area with low voltage wire inside. There are 2 Signal Lights (Red/Green) mounted in a bright yellow box at each entrance of the parking areas.

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Traffic Commander

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