A Multi-function RF Controlled relay that we use to operate pallet lifters. But it can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Motor Controller
  • Machine Start/Stop
  • Pump ON/OFF
  • more..

See the RF Relay in action on Youtube https://youtu.be/JkORPIjnNko

Items Included:

1ea    Multi-function programmable relay SPDT
1ea    315 Mhz receiver
1ea    315Mhz Transmitter (uses CR335 Battery - included)
1ea    Din Rail and terminals as you specify. This part depends on your application

We originally designed this so a forklift operator would not have to get off and operate a machine. In that application we configure the relay as an "Impulse Relay". One press of the button and the relay contact #1 closes and relay contact #2 opens. Touch the button again and the relay operates the opposite way.

15 amp contacts on the relay can operate multiple relays or even a motor or a large light.

Supply voltage is 120vac. If you need alternate voltages, contact us for available modifications. Toll Free (855) ROBOT-99
Use for electric appliances, controlling illumination, heating, motors, ventilators,
 warning illuminating on the road, flashers, cyclers, frequently switched systems

10 functions:
5 time functions controlled via supply voltage
4 time functions controlled via control input
1 function of memory (impulse/latching) relay
Output contact: SPDT 15 A
Time scale 0.1s-10 days divided into 10 ranges
Output indication: multi-function red LEDs show state of the relay. One LED tells if the power is on, the other tells when the relay is operating energized.

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RF Bin Dumper

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