Kawasaki RS020 Robot Tender
We can build and customize a robot tender for any CNC Lathe. Kawasaki R-Series robots are the best choice for the Okuma Lathe shown below. But we can build and customize a machine tending robot for most machine shop applications we have seen. Kawasaki R-Series Robots are specially designed  to do the types of tasks required of any robot doing machine tending. Kawasaki robots can handle end of arm loads up to 80kg (175lbs).

e can operate in the limited space of any CNC lathe safely and efficiently. Kawasaki built-in I/O can communicate with the CNC machine giving it commands such as “Open Doors”, “Close Chuck”, “Change Tool” plus many other commands required for a robot to successfully integrate with any CNC machine. We can use Relay Logic, EthernetIP, ProfiNET and other protocols to lower labor costs and increase your safety margin.

NOTE: Pricing for this robot starts at $49,000. The price of this and any other robot depends on the integrated features such as network and vision integration, conveyor tracking, discrete I/O, dress features such as pneumatic solenoids, grippers, tooling, quick changers, etc. The price is simply for reference using a standard dress robot with no tooling. Call us for a properly configured robot. Toll Free (855) ROBOT-99 

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MTR1000 Robot Tender

  • $59,000.00